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ME Series QRP Transceivers
ME40+ ME30+ ME20+ ME80+

Updated August 2020

The kits are currently available on Ebay. Do an ebay search for ME40+ or ME30+ or ME20+
Complete kits and all parts can also be purchased directly from Midway below.
See Small Wonder offer at the bottom of Warranty.

These kits are exact copies of the infamous SW40+, SW30+, SW20+, and SW80+ kits that were provided by Dave Benson of Small Wonder Labs. Dave has graciously allowed us to carry on his legacy by making this kit available at almost the same price, over 20 years ago. Midway has been selling these kits throughout the U.S. and all over the world. Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, England. 

Why should you consider purchasing and using the ME series QRP rigs when there are so many other modern ones with lots more features? The ME series rigs are simple, thru hole boards with easy to find parts. There is no microprocessor or surface mount parts that are hard to find and replace. The sensitivity is unsurpassed. The circuitry is simple to understand. You can add many mods to it such as frequency display, RIT, keyer, 10 turn tuning, speaker amp, zero beat indicator, PWR/SWR meter, antenna tuner, etc. The low receiver current drain is excellent for solar operation, emergency communications, and portable use.

See full Specifications here

This section is to provide information, documentation, and supplements to the ME series QRP rigs.

Latest ME40+ assembly manual in PDF

Latest ME80+ assembly manual in PDF

Latest ME30+ assembly manual in PDF

Latest ME20+ assembly manual in PDF

HELP! I can't tune in the right frequencies  

EIA resistor color code

Picture of ME40+ wound toroids

Component identification explanation

Construction Notes

Addendums - Please read!

Compliance Fix  



External Frequency Display  


20 meter transformer mod  

Hard to find parts  

Modifications - Submit your pictures, ideas, and mods you wish to share 

Feedback - email us your feedback both good and bad. We will post it here. We want to hear from all owners. We will strive to make this kit even better or post your mods. 

Links to the ME+ Series or SW40+ QRP radios and accessories. Many good hot links!

Circuit board release V1.0 as of Feb 5, 2018  

What's new in board version 1.1 released August 2018  

Direct Sales

Picture of assembled board (click on board to view a high resolution image to compare to your board)

The ME+ Series "board kit only" comes with circuit board, bags of parts and assembly manual for $60.00 plus shipping, Paypal preferred. The "board kit only" DOES NOT include the enclosure. You must provide a suitable custom enclosure, front panel pots and knobs, and rear panel connectors or order them from below.

The "complete kit" includes everything as shown on the three pictures at top of page.

Foreign orders will have appropriate shipping and customs charges added, typically $26.50 but recently rising. For foreign orders it's quicker but not cheaper to use ebay and tracking is better. Please specify which band you desire.


"Complete kit" with enclosure. Everything but solder. (specify band 80,40,30,20) $92.95
"Board kit only", all board parts and circuitboard, no enclosure, no pots or connectors (specify band) $60.00
Bare circuitboard only $10.95
5 prewound toroids (specify band) $10.95
5 toroids and band specific wire (specify band) $6.95
*Rear panel parts (jacks and connectors) $9.95
*Front panel parts (knobs and pots) $10.95
*Enclosure only $22.95
Complete enclosure and all above * items, including rubber feet and standoffs $37.95
3 SA602 or SA612 pre-tested mixer $7.95
2SC2078 pre-tested RF output transistor $3.95
5 matched crystals (specify band) $6.95
3 42IF123 transformers $11.85
1SV149 varicap diode $1.95
Large and small legacy knobs $3.95
2SC2166 pre-tested RF output transistor $3.95

Details on hard to find parts are listed here: Hard to find parts

Please contact Midway Electronics by email for orders.

Occasionally we have fully assembled units available. Please contact us directly via email and we will let you know what's available if any.

Shipping will be USPS Priority 2-3 Days within the U.S.

All prices subject to change. Shipping prices for U.S. orders only. US Priority mail is currently $8.40, but this seems to go up every few months.

Ordering and contact information: email: midway7726 (at) gmail.com
This email is also used for Paypal

No B.S. Warranty

If you feel this project is beyond your scope you can return it for a full refund.

If you started assembling this board and you feel you are incapable of finishing it you can return it for a full refund.

If you build this radio and you cannot get it to perform to specifications you can return it for repair. If we find it is a component fault there will be no charge and we will return it to you fully functioning as to specifications, postage paid.

If we find there was a component or components put in wrong, backwards, or damaged by you or if there was improper assembling or soldering techniques or poor soldering, or shorts, depending on condition there may be a repair charge (depending upon issue) plus $8.50 shipping in the U.S.

If you are just unsatisfied and wish to return kit in good condition, we will refund the total cost paid by you less shipping.

We want only satisfied customers.

If you own a Small Wonder Labs SW40+, SW30+, SW80+, or SW20+ and have problems troubleshooting it, or need it set up for a different frequency span, or are missing parts, we will be happy to supply or repair your SW unit for a nominal fee. Please contact Midway for details.