What's New in Board Version 1.1

As soon as stock of the Version 1.0 circuitboard is depleted Version 1.1 is ready to be released. This is the third release of the circuitboard. As stated in the description of V1.0, no electrical changes were made from the legacy board released by Dave Benson's SW+ series. V1.1 has no electrical changes either. The only changes are some capacitor lead spacing to accommodate some capacitors and the addition of TP1 which connects to pin 7 of U1. This single pin can be used to monitor the VCO frequency for calibration and for a pick-off point for a digital frequency display. Also, silk screen clarification for different bands. Component values were left off and only the reference number remains for parts in different bands.

All V1.0 boards will be sold before V1.1 will be released.