Circuit Board Version

The second release of the ME circuitboard is now being released in upcoming kits. It is V1.0 up from V0.8d. There are no electrical differences in the board. Only cosmetic. The changes are as follows:

1. Hole sizes for D13, the 1N4001 has been enlarged to accept larger lead diameter.

2. The hole sizes for the antenna connections enlarged to accept all the strands of the RG174 coax cable.

3. An extra pad for the wiper pin of R24 power adjustment has been added to ease in mounting various pot pin configurations.

4. The new silk screen eliminates confusion on assembling the 20, 30, and 80 meter kits. Initially the board screening was intended for 40 meter components only so reference designations and component values were screened on the board. This made it confusing if you were installing a capacitor specified in a 30 meter kit and the screened value was different. So in version 1.0 of the board only the reference designation are screened on for band specific parts. Any parts that are the same for all bands have the reference designation and component values screened on the board.

5. Some ceramic capacitor lead spacing was changed from 0.30 inches to 0.20 inches to ease in component insertion.

Click on board for high resolution view of board