First Things First

Before you start building or troubleshooting the ME series it is so important to read the addendum at the end of the manual. Read it out loud to yourself if you have to. There are procedures, suggestions and hints that will make the assembly go much smoother. We have received a large number of emails from kit builders with questions that were already answered in the addendum. This means they never read the addendum. This will save you time and aggravation, and prevent costly mistakes. Also visit many of the links on this website and study all the pages. There are many details and pictures making the construction easier and quicker.

For Quality Control, a number of components were hand tested before going into the kit. The SA602/612 I.C.'s were individually tested. The MPF102 FET was hand tested. The 2SC2078 and 2SC2166 were tested for output power. Most of the other components are not critical so they weren't individually tested.