7726 Main Street, Middletown, VA 22645 Phone 540-313-8040

Hours:10AM to 5PM M-F and other times by appointment

Email: midway7726@gmail.com

Midway Electronics supplies the area with electronic components, wire, cables, amateur radio transceivers, CB transceivers, GMRS radios, FRS radios, Shortwave radios, power supplies, antennas, coax, connectors, etc.

Also computer networking accessories, wi-fi equipment, routers, switches, network cables.

Also repairing and testing tube type radios, amplifiers, musical instrument electronics, professional audio mixers, microphones, cables, effects boxes.

Full line of Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms.

Also QRP kits for amateur radio.


New! Authorized dealer for Berkey Water Systems - your local source for clean water for cabins, emergencies, and disaster preparedness.


Specializing in high quality custom cut Yagi antennas from 50 mhz to 1000 mhz from RolconRF.

Special emergency preparedness supplies, solar panels, battery chargers.

Online store for specialized components.

Complete radio test and calibration workstation.

Major and minor service and repair.

Cable assembly and testing station.

Updated Feb 20, 2018